A truly custom facial doesn’t grow on a tree. It requires an esthetician who understands the chemistry of your skin—and has the wherewithal (products, equipment, expertise) to coax its beauty out from the inside.

That’s Elena. The dazzling, Harvard-educated former engineer draws out your natural radiance—no matter how your skin might want to act. Think of her as the skin whisperer: a brainy woman’s facialist who can determine and deliver your skin’s precise needs—without invading it.  

Meanwhile, you receive the most pampered, intelligent, and unhurried facial to enlighten your skin.

Our clients are gleaming. Contact us today to book your appointment within the next eight weeks.

** Elena is currently not accepting new clients as she is on Maternity Leave. All clients are currently being referred to services with Jennie at the same location within Ethos.  Jennie was handpicked to be Elena's associate and has been trained by her for 2 years. **

These days - there’s a lot you can do with your skin. 


From extractions to infrared lights, peels to more invasive procedures, the choices are limitless as are the aestheticians.

Like the scientist she is, Elena understands the structure and chemistry of your skin. Yet she doesn’t believe in synthetic chemicals or super-invasive treatments. Instead, she’ll give you precisely what you need to glow, so that you emerge loving your skin — and exposing its fuller, deeper potential. Here’s how she does it: 

1. She builds each custom facial using an extensive library of products curated for their quality and effectiveness. All are botanical and natural, several are New York or American exclusives, and they include Elena’s own skincare line. 

2. She leverages skincare technology to incorporate these products. Some are best applied by hand. Others warrant top-of-the-line equipment. The result? A skyrocketing effectiveness. 

3. She exercises boundless patience, and excruciating attention to detail. “It’s about luring out the content of your pores, not forcing them out,” she says. She applies this philosophy to every step of your facial, until your natural radiance — smooth texture, even skin tone, contours where they belong — emerges, layer by layer, facial by facial. 

4. While being effective and specific, she is rigorously gentle. Balance is key, and she works to avoid fixing one issue — while creating another. Pain, too, is minimized. Three minutes after extractions begin, you’ll wonder when she’s getting started. 

All this: while you receive the most pampered, intelligent, and unhurried facial to enlighten your skin. Ever.